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Another visit to SAE Institute LA, this time for IMSTA FESTA.  It’s “an annual celebration and exhibition of music technology showcasing major audio technology companies and their music software.”

The highlight of this year’s FESTA were the panel discussions including the keynote by the acclaimed Tony Maserati of Mirrorball  Entertainment.  Unfortunately, I didn’t attend all of the panels because I got suckered into trying to get my attendance card all hole-punched to claim some free software.  Wild-goose chase is what it was.

Another worthwhile item on the agenda was visiting Native Instruments’ classroom dedicated to demoing Maschine and some of the instruments and plugins of Komplete.  NEFF-U made an appearance to show us how he puts together a track with Komplete and his favorite drum instrument, Battery.  Man, this guy is awesome.  He laid down the beginnings of at least 4 or 5 tracks in a matter of minutes. That first kit and piano he put down was the best.  I can’t believe he just deleted it.  Seriously I think he could have made a hit with that melody and drum combination.

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